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We're nice, we're not too bossy, and we stay out of your way. We like to think our pictures aren't half bad, either. We believe in people, and we believe in weddings. Not weddings as fussy things, like checklists and timelines. Not weddings as fashion shows. But weddings as human events. Of love, life, laughter, and all that goodness you find packed into a day about a guy, a girl, and everyone they love. We'll be there for that, and we won't miss a beat.


Love is felt, not seen. We get that

You'll never truly capture love in a photograph. It's all surface and veneer - evidence of our existence, not more. But if you hit it right, it's enough. It's enough to remind us of the people we were, the people we'll always be. It's enough to connect us, move us, and take us back in time.

Focusing on the right stuff

We have a simple formula: Have fun. Help others. Be honest. What else matters?

reasons of

Letting people live

People are pretty awesome on their own. So when we're not taking portraits, we're staying out of your way. We won't be manufacturing your moments. We think it's about putting ourselves in the right place at the right time. We believe in living, breathing pictures, and that requires living, breathing people. So we don't tell you what to do and how to act. We're not holding you captive. Enjoy your wedding day. Be yourself. We'll worry about the pictures.

We see beyond price

High end. Low end. These are meaningless. Your wedding is as good as you feel about it.

Enjoy being yourself

If you like silly things, do silly things. If you like serious things, do serious things. The problem with portraits comes in when you have serious people doing silly things and silly people doing serious things. It just looks fabricated. Be yourself. Trust us. We'll get you relaxed, we'll have a good time, and the rest will take care of itself.

Our style

Them: Timeless, Editorial, Lifestyle, Vintage, Photojournalistic, Fine Art

Us: Honest, Human

Getting back to the basics

We are not:
Luxury, Couture, Chic, Lavish, Extravagant

We are:
Stories, Emotions, Connections, History

You are not your shoes

We like decor. We like design. We think people come up with some pretty cool stuff. So, yeah, we'll cover that. But no shoe shot, ring shot, mason jar, or flower will ever compare to the two of you. The details that turn us on are the curve of a smile or the tilt of a head. Things that show how we express the people we are.

We've seen it before

Half a thousand dollars and half a million. 10 guests and 1,000. We've been there.

We have something to prove

We think the industry can be better. We think pictures can be better. We're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We're stepping up our game, so we can prove it to you.

We're not afraid

We'll try different things, look for new ways to see, and be present for you. The best part of having ten years of wedding experience is we can let go and have our instincts guide us. Otherwise, we're just copying.

We care

Weddings aren't just any story. They're us at our most exposed. We respect that.

We love New York

We're proudly Brooklyn-based, and we love New York's energy and pulse. It's raw, impassioned, and relentless. A city where we are all connected. What better place for a wedding?

We're always around

Email us, tweet us, message us, Skype us, or call us. We're around. No one week wait to hear from us. We're here for you from the start of the process to the very end, and every stage in between. There's nothing easy about planning a wedding. Go ahead. Lean on us.

No one-year wait

Get your images in 5 weeks. Get your album in 3 months. Your album shouldn't be an anniversary gift.

We want you jumping for joy

We don't spend time submitting to magazines and blogs. We spend time taking pictures, thinking about pictures, and working with couples. We rely on ecstatic clients to spread the word, so you can bet you matter more than anything else.

Our videos tell stories

The purpose of the video is to capture the moments between the moments. To reveal the hidden story and the unique pulse and rhythm of each couple. Our videos tell this story.

We work together

Our photography team, our video team – we hang out, we work together, we play together. It's not a competition for my shot vs. your shot. It's our imagery. No turf wars or conflicts here.

It's all in-house

Not just the photography, but the picture processing. Not just the filming, but the editing. Every part of the process is controlled in-house. Album design? Yep. Not just a designer, but an dedicated creative director. We take care of it all, from top to bottom.

We're married too

We've been there. We get it. We know what it's like to be in the middle of it, and what it all means. We'll know when to step in, when to step back, when you need space, and when you need help.

21 reasons sounds better than 20

OK, that's not really a reason. But it's true.

    coverage for PHOTOGRAPHY

    You have better things to do than worry about photography. Whether your wedding is in the City or 1,000 miles away, let us handle it for you. We're hardcore storytellers, and we're all about getting the job done right. Fully-customized, fully-curated, entirely captured. Our custom packages are created from the ground up. Dream it, and we'll make it happen.

    hours of coverage

    AlbumsEvery picture deserves a good home. Don't leave them alone on a cold, barren hard drive. Our albums are the perfect complement to your images. Crafted from the ground up and painstakingly designed, each album is created here in Brooklyn with the same care we give to taking your images.

    coverage for VIDEO

    Ever watch 6 movies in a row? A season of Breaking Bad in one sitting? We do. We're obsessed with filmmaking and its power. Clean shots, no-gimmicks, and strong editing tell the entire story behind the day. Our wedding films reveal instead of conceal. They're about taking you right back into the middle of it. You'll want to watch them 6 times in a row.

    The Foundation Start with our signature recap, a 20-30 minute film designed to convey the essence of the wedding. Along with that, you'll receive your ceremony uncut, and any toasts given at the reception. Stir, mix, then let rest.

    The Extras Looking for more? Add a highlight video, raw footage, a second videographer. Get in touch, and see what we can do. We've got you covered.

    raw footage
    highlight video


    Getting here is easy!

    From Manhattan: Take towards Brooklyn

    Exit at 36 St

    Exit right from the station and walk to 36th street. Head right on 36th, and go 2 blocks down (under the overpass). You'll see building 220, and we're on the fifth floor in B-513.

    Contact Us:

    5 West Studios
    220 36th St. Unit 3
    Brooklyn, NY 11232

    Give us a call. Stop on by. Let's grab a drink. We love making new friends. Industry City is based in the historic Bush Terminal alongside the Brooklyn waterfront. Today, it serves a vibrant community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

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