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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Karen and Danny at The Works Books in Soho Posted by Spencer on March 19, 2013

And onto the final day. After an amazing few days in Colorado, Karen and Danny celebrated with friends back in Manhattan – fantastic!

Meri and Al at reBar Posted by Spencer on March 19, 2013

Sometimes you just know. You know right when they walk in the door for the first time, you know right when you see a couple for the first time during the day. Meri and Al were one of those couples. Relaxed, full of heart, and just wonderful to be around, it was hard not to love being there for the wedding day.

Karen and Danny, part 2 Posted by Spencer on March 18, 2013

And we continue on from the previous post. Onto the wedding day from Karen and Danny’s wedding. Love it!

Karen and Danny in Vail, Colorado: The Pre-Wedding Party Posted by Spencer on March 15, 2013

It’s always a pleasure to really get to know what my couples are like – getting to spend the time before and after the wedding is a distinct privilege when it happens. There’s just something very special about day-to-day life that you only get a glimpse of during a wedding itself, and having the bookends to Karen and Danny’s wedding was a treat. Their wedding took place just outside of Vail, Colorado, and I had the privilege of covering their pre-wedding party, the wedding day itself, and then flying back a week later for their reception in New York City. What a whirlwind ride to see a week full of joy and happiness, anchored by two people who I could tell cared so much about friends and family. Perfect!