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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Caroline and Michael at Manhattan Penthouse Posted by Spencer on October 30, 2013

There’s always something about everyone. A way they walk, a way they talk, a way they laugh. For Caroline, it was an irrepressible smile. The type of happiness not so much specific to the day, so much as the type of thing you wear as an accessory to the person you are. And if anything was clear, it was that Mike was just as comfortable with her, as she was there on that day.

So for all that could be said of this wedding, from sharing in the City’s skyline as the two of them were married with the Empire State Building lit in white behind them, to snaking our way through the city streets, I think the best thing is really the simplest. Because as much as a wedding can say about two people, it’s really the smallest of things, like the way they hold hands or they way they talk or how they exist together that really says it all. And there was no question that they were two people who were simply happy together.

Megan and Anthony at Water’s Edge Posted by Spencer on October 29, 2013

It was a view I’d seen a thousand times before, that I could see a thousand times again without ever a trace of fatigue, but on this day, as we passed over the Queensboro Bridge, peering out to the East River, I was reminded that magic is there.

For the clutter and the noise and just the general busy-ness of it all, a day like this will tell you what you really need to know about life in the City – that these things exist not as the definition of this place, but as the byproducts of living, breathing people, full of heart, celebration, and love.

And so it was with Megan and Anthony on their brilliant day traversing through midtown, making its way through a church with origins in 1879, and ending on the waterfront. It couldn’t have been a more glorious celebration or a better example of what it is that makes it all so wonderful.

Lindsey and Paul – Brooklyn Engagement Session Posted by Spencer on October 23, 2013

Christine and Dave at Clarks Landing Yacht Club Posted by Spencer on October 15, 2013

There’s something both very similar and eerily different about weekday weddings. The schedule is the same – there’s the getting ready, the ceremony, some form of celebration – but the cues are just a little different. Something about the traffic patterns, what’s going on in the outside world, the fact that more guests show up at the reception than the ceremony – little reminders that life is going on.

And that’s really what it was about Christine and Dave’s Friday wedding. There was a beautiful vulnerability to it all – not so much a wedding with two people, so much as two people with a wedding. From the time getting ready at home to a constant willingness to simply be present and live in the moment, it was a day full of pulsing, pounding life that reminds you what it’s all really for.