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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Juliette and Dave at the Yale Club Posted by Spencer on June 26, 2013


The thing of it is the uncertainty. The uncertainty of two lives colliding and two people coming together. The uncertainty of a moment, a day, a life. An uncertainty we all know must exist, that must be there, but one our hearts fully forget. Because when it feels right, it just feels right. That’s the beauty of love.

And so it was, watching Juliette and Dave.

Weddings unspool in as many ways as days can be spun. But as you see one and another, there’s a rhythm to it you start to recognize. Fragments that show up time and time again. Never quite the same, twisting and turning from second to second, but vital indicators, nonetheless – clues that let you in on it all, telling you about pulse of the day and the character of the couple.

Juliette said to me “I don’t know if the serious Brooklyn hipster face works with us.” But what stands out when I think back to their portraits wasn’t the thought of any face or one expression at all, so much as an effortlessness between two of them. They simply dissolved into their own world in the way people do when they really know each other. They were plain happy together.

Dave’s smile constantly veers on the type of compulsive grin you experience when you’re weightless and free – a little like the way a child experiences joy, but with the comprehension of an adult. Juliette’s smile was possessed of the type of sincerity that instantly sets a person at ease. And while it may be that in this stochastic system where life boils down to random probability where we’ll never know what the truth of it all really is, having seen these two smiles together on this most wonderful day in May, I say it with certainty when I say the two of them were meant to be.