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Carissa and Ryan in Brooklyn Posted by Spencer on August 7, 2014


When Carissa reached out to me, there was something very personal and intimate that caught my eye. I couldn’t say exactly what it was. Maybe it was the words or the story or the way they put it all together. But you learn about a couple – who they are, what they do, and why they do it – you learn a little about what makes them tick – that he’s a writer and she a designer, that they’re both artists, not just in title, but as a through line that compels their living – you give back and share of yourself as it all goes down, and it reminds you about the power not just of the image, but, really, of connection itself. Of being there with two people, who let you see them and know them – that’s what life is all about. Ryan shared a quote from Ubuntu philosophy during our time together: I am, because you are. And aren’t we all?