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Elizabeth and Steve at Alder Manor Posted by Spencer on July 1, 2013

When you think of all the things that happen during a wedding day, and you remember yourself eating, it’s something a little unusual. But so it was. In the middle of the day, right before we were going to take a few more portraits, Liz and her maid of honor insisted I have a bite. Not only insist, in fact. They assembled the very meal, left the room, and gave me a moment. And that’s really something. Because when you’re in the middle of the day, whizzing by at a million miles an hour with all the hustle and all the bustle, and you’re getting ready to take some shots then hit the reception, the last thing I’d expect anyone to think about is me. But she did.

He had a palpable presence. She was beautiful.

Everything, except a few drops rain, was exactly as it was supposed to be. But underneath that perfect exterior was a wedding full of heart. A wedding full of people who cared. Who not just remembered me, but who remembered everyone. I think the two of them took a moment to dance with every person they came across when they hit the floor. And that’s what it really comes down to. The time they spent together and with everyone else. And that’s what I really remember. Not, of course, just a bite to eat. But the heart and kindness. Two people who were fully present and engaged on the day they were married. Just like it should be.