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Kira and Philip at Wave Hill Posted by Spencer on July 9, 2013


Mercurial, unpredictable, and ever elusive, to photograph weddings in New York is to be intimately familiar with the weather. And this was no exception. It was a nail-biter of a week ending on a prediction for rain, and to be sure, as we traveled up the West Side Highway, the clouds were there. Fortunately, the day had kinder intentions.

The sun broke through as the ceremony began, soaking the gorgeous, green grounds in a brilliant light. Wave Hill had never looked better, as if the skies had parted for Kira and Philip and this wonderful wedding day.

To watch the two of them together is to see two people, relaxed and happy with the type of deep appreciation for one another that lodges itself in your brain so firmly, you could almost forget how stunning it all looked. Almost. But for all the memories of joy and fun and smiles and hugs, and for all of the wonderful decor, what really stuck in my mind came after I left the event.

As I walked off the grounds and up the street to my car, the music cut through the pristine sky. I smiled, hearing the sound of celebration, telling me a story of a lovely day and lively night. It told me about a party resisting completion and a clear sky on a warm summer night that made it all feel right. But, more than anything, it told me about what a wedding should be. Not just a day of celebration, but a day of heartfelt emotions that linger into the future like music drifting into the air. Because, though a wedding may take place over a day, the memories stay with us forever.

Planning: Just About Married
Design: Glorimundi