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Lindsey and Paul at Greenpoint Loft, Brooklyn Posted by Spencer on June 23, 2014


“Looks like our photo booth isn’t coming,” Lindsey said.

I was shocked, but she just shrugged. “Well, maybe. They’re still trying to make it. We’ll see.” Surprised by her reaction, I glanced at Paul, but he looked every bit as relaxed as Lindsey.

Something was off. Not about the photo booth. Not about the wedding. But about the two of them, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

It was a Brooklyn type of day. Thick air, hard light, and a soft wind to set the stage for my type of wedding – alive, real, personal. In fact, Lindsey and Paul lived just a few blocks away from Greenpoint Loft, making it all the more perfect a place for the two to celebrate. And I was happier than a clam to be there. Everything just felt right.

And that’s what I didn’t see at the time. Everything was just right. Photo booth or not, it didn’t matter. When I heard it wasn’t going to show, I was expecting tension. Drama. Frustration. Something. But what I saw was a soft smile and a look that clued me in. The two of them had everything they needed – friends, family, and each other. It already had been a spectacular day, and it was clear that it was going to be a good night. And a good night it was with everything a couple could want out of their wedding, including a photo booth that managed to make it in the nick of time.